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Last Announcement Forever, Sunday, May 24, 2015

I took the "School's Out Forever" photo at NCSSM in 2001 before the old boiler plant was demolished. The administration allowed students to cover the building with graffiti in advance of the demolition. (You may remember the time-lapse video from the beginning of the year.) Here's a wide view.

Grades are complete. The WebAssign gradebook is up-to-date. There's nothing more to add. As I mentioned before, you may be emailed later about filling out the final course evaluation. When you receive that notice, please follow through as soon as possible. It's important for NCSSM Online to have your feedback. I've given you plenty of feedback throughout the year; now it's your chance to provide some.

You've all come a long way this year and learned some physics and perhaps something about how to study, which is the most important thing in the long run. I wish you the best in your life's path.

For me, school really is out forever, as your class is my last. You still have a lot of schooling ahead of you and, of course, education is a life-long pursuit. It's been a privilege to help facilitate that process.

signing off,

Loren Winters


Week 34
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May 18 - May 22
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WebEx Live Session, Tuesday, 9 - 10 PM

An automated email will be sent from WebEx with the meeting link.

WebEx preparation: See Tuesday's schedule for a preparatory assignment.

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About the Schedule

R = Reading | P = Formal Problems | E = Online Exercises |  C = Communication
M = Multimedia Problems | V = Video | L = Lab | Q = Quiz | T = Test

WA = WebAssign | BH = BrainHoney | CV = Canvas
Day ID Assignment Prereq Notes Mode
Week beginning May 18
M P155 Electrostatics and Circuits Review Problems     BH M  
T   The WebEx session is required. Log in at the usual time.      
W T8 Test over Chs. 19-21   This is a 90-minute test covering electrostatics and electric circuits. proctor W  

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